Honeybee is a professionally organized event photography company, We are mainly focus on wedding photography. If you are looking to preserve the blissful memories of your wedding day forever, You should trust the professionalism, experience and elegance of team honeybee. Our eye behind the lens would bring over Ten years of experience in photography to your special day. We can travel anywhere to help capture and preserve the memories of your special event for a lifetime


We believe that a wedding is a journey of not only the person getting married but also of all those people who are attached to him or her in some way or the other and of all those who helped him/her in becoming who he or she is. It's an overwhelming narration of the past and the sparkling light of the delightful future of the bride and the groom all packaged in a "LARGER THAN LIFE" magnified imagery extravaganza and hence needs the special "cinema style filming" filmed by not just a wedding videographer but an experienced "Wedding Cinematographer". Our approach to Wedding Videography has developed over the years.


A brand is the distinct style that represents a company or product. Colors, fonts, logos, and writing all contribute to a brand. Having a distinct brand that specifically represents your company can attract new customers and create loyal ones. However, a poorly designed brand identity can hurt confuse or mislead customers. We can solve your branding issues!